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Boca DOC

Consists of Nebbiolo (85%) and Vespolina grapes. This wine requires full maturity and is treated in the barrel for 3 to 4 years, and can then be stored for decades. The mineral composition of the porphyritic soil together with the characteristic structures of the Nebbiolo grapes allow “Boca” to become a full, expressive wine. Its flavour reminds one of well-matured forest fruits, violets, tobacco and dried herbs with hints of balsam and citrus fruits. Power and a silky elegance will develop in the mouth, fascinating and playful, with a slightly noble and bitter final note. The vast complexity of taste allows one to discover new facets over and over again. Our Boca can mature and refine in bottles for up to 10-20 years.

Aging potential 10-20 years.
Average production: 10’000-15’000 bottles.
Alcohol: 12.5-14.0% Vol., Total Acidity 5.4-6.5 g/l
First year of production: 1998

Grape varieties: 85% Nebbiolo

15% Vespolina

Vineyards: Yield per hectare ca. 3000-4000 kg

Old vineyards (30 - 50 years) at Traversagna, in Prato Sesia, and at Le Piane (old vineyard of Antonio Cerri). New vineyards (plantation 1998-2004) in the best sites of Boca (Mottosergo, Meridiana, Valvecchi and Traversagna). Vineyards in rows with guyot system and 5000 plants per hectare. The ground consists of porphyr gravel (of vulcanic origin) of a pink colour and full of minerals without any organic and calc, south exposure. Surface of vineyards 4.5 hecatres.


Long fermentation with the skins (30 days) in open steel and wood casks (2000-3000 litres) with natural yeast. The skins are pushed down 1-2 times a day by hand (Follatura a mano). After pressing, the wine remains for 3 years ripening in big oak-wood (slavonian wood) barrels (2000-3000 litres). The malolactic fermentation occurs naturally in spring after harvest in the wooden casks. Bottling after 3 years with very soft filtering and after 12 months ripening in the bottle before sales.