• Traversagna

Situated in steep hills going from 450 – 480 m above sea with the vinevards named “Chiò”, “Alta Vecchia”, “Alta Nuova” and “Bassa”, in the comunity of Prato Sesia. The surface is 17.200 msq (4.8 acres), and is composed by 6000 vines in the Guyot system and partly terrassed, varieties Nebbiolo 72,5%, Vespolina 27%, Sirah 0,5%.
Year of plantation “Chiò” 1973
Year of plantation “Bassa” sotto la strada nel 2001-02
Year of plantation “Alta Vecchia” in the 20iest restored in 2004
Year of plantation “Alta Nuova” 2001 – 2004 the rest
In 2014 we accomplished the block by planting another vineyard of 8000 msq (1.4 acres) which close the hole between the street of “Traversagna” and the “Alta Nuova” by cutting the trees remaking the old terasses. It’s the first vineyard where we used the plants from our selections of the old vineyards of Maggiorina and consists of 60% Vespolina, 20% Croatina, 8% Nebbiolo e Malvasia di Boca 2%.