• History e Terroir



In the 90s, and together with enologist Alexander Trolf, Christoph Kuenzli visited Boca and its forgotten vineyards and both became enthusiastic about the region and it’s excellent potential. At that time we became acquainted with Antonio Cerri, one of the last winegrowers to produce the typical and outstanding Boca wine. In view of his advanced age, more than 80 years old, Antonio Cerri handed over to us his small vineyard (0.5 hectares), cellar and his old vintages. We seized the opportunity and step-by-step acquired further small plots of forest. Like a jigsaw, the property developed to become a whole. The best areas of Boca – 4 vineyards with about 1.5 hectares (4 acres) each – were cleared and replanted with Nebbiolo and Vespolina vines. “Le Piane” now has an area of 8 hectares (20 acres) of vineyards, 2 (5 acres) of them with old vines.

Sadly, Alexander Trolf was killed in 1998 in a road accident and did not live to see the results of this successful development. His ideas and dreams, however, remain in the “Meridiana” vineyard that he had replanted. The prominent yellow house there has become the company’s logo and thus symbolizes a new beginning. A group of international friends of wine culture is financing the project, which is leaded by Christoph Kuenzli and his team of 5 persons in Boca. They grow the grapes, process them and sell the wines all in the summer.



The combination of its soil and microclimate provides a fortunate opportunity for the region of BOCA DOC. The soil is porphyritic (volcanic origin), ground on its surface to fine gravel. This soil is unique in Italy. The moderate climate of the Lower Alps characterized by high autumnal temperatures, together with intensive sunshine thanks to the south facing position and with high temperature changes, creates optimal conditions for perfect maturity of the grapes. The vineyards embedded between the surrounding hills are protected against cold Alpine winds. The purposefully small yield is favorable to produce healthy and mature fruit grown in the secluded situation of the vineyards situated within a nature reserve surrounded by forests with rich flora and fauna.